We live for the sport of skydiving, and love nothing more than sharing that passion with others!

From first time jumper to someone with 10,000 jumps, we offer a wide array of services and activities to help advance your skills.

  • Top of the line equipment for students and experienced jumpers
  • USPA Group Member dropzone and we follow the highest safety standards set forth by the FAA and USPA
  • Full service rigging loft and gear store (with a large inventory of new and used skydiving gear and souvenirs in stock!).
  • DOD-Certified dropzone and aircraft which allows us to provide Military Freefall services
  • 80x100 sq. ft, brand new, state of the art skydiving facility-- the largest in the state!
  • Veteran/ Fun Jumpers owned and operated
  • On-site food and concessions
  • Conveniently located only an hour away from both Nashville and Clarksville/Ft. Campbell

Mission: To safely create the most fun, memorable, 5 Star experience of a lifetime for many thousands of customers each year.

Vision: An environment where skydiving is more than an item on a bucket list. Stepping through that door at 14,000 feet is a life changing experience.

Values: Safety, High Quality, Creating a fun environment. We strive for perfection; we settle for excellence.


Trey Holladay

1,500 Jumps
DZO, Commercial Multi-engine Pilot, CFII/MEI, AFF/Tandem Instructor, Aerial Photographer, FAA Senior Rigger

Taylor Smith

6,000+ jumps
Managing DZO, Tandem Instructor

Jeff Fincher

6,000+ jumps
S&TA, AFF/ Tandem Instructor, Aerial Photographer

Caleb James

500+ jumps
Tandem Instructor, Aerial Photographer

John Wardlaw

315 jumps
FAA Senior Rigger, Packer

Charlie Diemer

465 jumps
Aerial Photographer

Laura O’Dowd

2,000 jumps
AFF Instructor, Aerial Photographer

Kevin McLemore

1,100 jumps
Tandem Instructor

Josh Whitworth

Aerial Photographer

Pete Schichtel

900+ jumps
AFF Instructor

Phil Peggs

4,000 jumps
AFF Instructor, Aerial Photographer

Nick Raines

Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Aerial Photographer

Zach Bissinger

200 jumps

Connor Sheppard

60 jumps

Darrell Whittaker

1 jump
Commercial Multi-engine Pilot

Will Marrs

Commercial Multi-engine Pilot