AFF Grads and A License holders at MCS!

Check out our newest AFF graduate, Jen Brooks, and our latest A licensee, Ellen Pulford! MCS has had quite a few new jumpers lately and are working hard each weekend to get more AFF’s through the program.

Jen Brooks
AFF Graduate Jen Brooks
Elen Pulford
A license holder Ellen Pulford


Music City Skydiving is Tennessee's top facility for skydive certification or tandem skydiving. Located close to Nashville, Chattanooga, and Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

9/11 remembered at Music City Skydiving

September 11, 2016, Music City Skydiving jumper and veteran Mike Paiser honored those lost on 9/11 with a flag jump. Flag JumpIt’s hard to believe 15 years has passed since that fateful morning that changed all of our lives. We are all grateful we get to skydive each weekend and have our families to come home to.

Music City Skydiving is a top rated skydiving facility serving Nashville, Chattanooga, all of middle Tennessee and Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Formation skydiving weekend a success!

Awesome Formation Weekend with Scott Franklin

July 9-10

We had a great weekend of weather July 9/10 despite really horrible forecasts. The King Air was enroute from maintenance Saturday morning carrying our weekend’s entertainment host, Scott Franklin. Scott is a former gold and silver medalist at the USPA Nationals in 8 way and 16 way and currently the formation organizer at Skydive Atlanta. The plane arrived around 9 a.m. and Scott wasted no time getting to work with the participant students.

8 way July 9Scott began with a lecture on the fundamentals of formation skydiving. During this he corrected many of the myths and misnomers we are taught as young jumpers. He outlined the goals and strategies for successful dives and how they were going to achieve them and then they got to work.

A lot of fantastic dives were completed and with only a few weather holds for passing storms we were relatively unimpeded jumping throughout the weekend.

Thanks to everyone that came out and participated! Scott regularly holds 4 way camps and invitationals at Skydive Atlanta, in Thomaston, GA and will be organizing July 23-24 at the Summer Boogie.

Music City Skydiving is #1 in Tennessee for fun, whether formation skydiving or tandem skydiving.

Skydiving in Nashville covered by TV at MCS

Adventure travel TV show from covers skydiving in Nashville

Skydiving in Nashville, TV show interview
TV show interviews MCS manager Taylor Smith about tandem Skydiving in Tennessee

The show, Tennessee Crossroads, covers tourism and outdoor activities all around Tennessee. The visit from the show was arranged by Humphreys County Tourism Consultant, Karin Davis, who is working hard to highlight tourism activities in Humphreys County. Show producer, Taylor Walters, and her amazing crew arrived early and shot all around the DZ before the jump on the first load of the day. The morning had perfect weather and light winds. The host’s tandem jump went off without a hitch and left him grasping for words to describe his experience. Music City Skydiving DZ manager, Taylor Smith, was interviewed by the TV show after a jump with the host and several other show members/crew. The show is scheduled to air between November of this year and February of 2017.

The rest of MCS’s opening weekend was not quite as smooth with high winds preventing much jumping for most of Saturday, even causing an off site landing for most of one load. All the same, we had many of our regular faces back in the air over Waverly. It looks like it’s going to be a great season!

Music City Skydiving is Tennessee skydiving's newest and best facility. Looking for an outdoor bucket list item to check off? MCS is a short ride from Nashville, Clarksville, and Chattanooga.