Skydiving in Nashville covered by TV at MCS

Adventure travel TV show from covers skydiving in Nashville

Skydiving in Nashville, TV show interview
TV show interviews MCS manager Taylor Smith about tandem Skydiving in Tennessee

The show, Tennessee Crossroads, covers tourism and outdoor activities all around Tennessee. The visit from the show was arranged by Humphreys County Tourism Consultant, Karin Davis, who is working hard to highlight tourism activities in Humphreys County. Show producer, Taylor Walters, and her amazing crew arrived early and shot all around the DZ before the jump on the first load of the day. The morning had perfect weather and light winds. The host’s tandem jump went off without a hitch and left him grasping for words to describe his experience. Music City Skydiving DZ manager, Taylor Smith, was interviewed by the TV show after a jump with the host and several other show members/crew. The show is scheduled to air between November of this year and February of 2017.

The rest of MCS’s opening weekend was not quite as smooth with high winds preventing much jumping for most of Saturday, even causing an off site landing for most of one load. All the same, we had many of our regular faces back in the air over Waverly. It looks like it’s going to be a great season!

Music City Skydiving is Tennessee skydiving's newest and best facility. Looking for an outdoor bucket list item to check off? MCS is a short ride from Nashville, Clarksville, and Chattanooga.

Skydiving over Tennessee opening weekend

Skydiving over Tennessee during opening weekend

Cool little snippet of video taken over Music City Skydiving during opening weekend April 3, 2016. We were held back by winds for most of Saturday but Sunday was nice and we got a bunch of great jumps in. Look slike it’s going to be a great year at MCS!!!!




Tandem skydiving near Chattanooga, Nashville, and Clarksville, Music City Skydiving is Tennessee's newest Dropzone.

Raising the bar for Tennessee skydiving, Music City Skydiving opening weekend April 2nd

Raising the  bar for Tennessee Skydiving

Tennessee Skydiving- King Air and Facility at Music City SkydivingTennessee skydiving is getting some updates with MCS’s new site is up and running and our opening weekend upon us. We are still working to get the site up to 100% so if you find errors or misspellings please contact us and let us know. We will be posting to this blog regularly, so you can always come here to find out the latest from each weekend. Please send us pictures and video from each weekend. Your jumps, landings, anything from the DZ. We need it all and will post it here, You Tube, Facebook, and Instagram. Remember, it’s your content that makes things exciting!

Facility Updates

The first thing jumpers will notice is that we have completed a lot of work on the facility. As you will see first thing when you arrive, the manifest office has changed locations along with the video editing suite and Pro Shop. The Pro Shop is where manifest used to be. With a large window facing the lobby it will be much more conveniently located and visible to the customers as soon as they walk in. The manifest moved to the video editing suite to allow access to the video room only through manifest or the staff window. All of this will allow for a better work flow.

The King Air is finished with inspections , cleaned up, and will be ready for a full season of 8 minute rides to 14,000 feet! It has been busy all winter flying at our sister DZ, Skydive Atlanta ( in Thomaston, GA.

We will post some pictures next week of the new work. See everyone this weekend!

Music City Skydiving is the premier tandem skydiving facility in Tennessee. Located just an hour from Nashville, we have an 8,000 sq ft state of the art facility and one of the fastest planes in the country.

Music City Skydiving gives away a tandem skydive on News Talk 101.5

Music City Skydiving gives away tandem skydive on news talk 101.5

Music City Skydiving will be going on Live interview today at 5:30 pm CST on News Talk 101.5 in Jackson, Tennessee to give away a tandem skydive. The show is called “The Bucket List” Listen in if you’re in the area!! Call us to help complete YOUR “Bucket List” 931-299-7137

Just an hour from Nashville, Clarksville (Ft Campbell) and 2 hours from Chattanooga, Music City Skydiving has the most amazing views skydiving in Tennessee. Your Bucket List Specialist!®